Back from the Dead?

No, we don’t mean zombies! We are talking about our designs! As you may know, our designs are limited edition. But yet, we still receive an overwhelming response from people who want to bring back their favorite designs. So we decided to cut you a deal. If you can create a fan page for your favorite design and get AT LEAST 100 people to like it, we will bring it back from the dead! If you can get 200 or more people to like it, we will allow you to choose the t-shirt or hoodie you want on it!

Sounds like a challenge? GOOD!

Check out our shop and any designs that are stamped with the big fat “SOLD OUT” sign, are now dead. So what are you waiting for?


Meet Team 2Kool!

We know that a lot of people has been following us lately so we thought it would be nice for us to introduce ourselves! We wouldn’t want to be rude, after all.

Ratha Sok, Business Director, Co-Founder

From a very young age, Ratha Sok was attracted to developing and managing a successful business. As a result, we find an entrepreneur who is unafraid to take those seemingly impossible leaps in his career. As the Executive Director, he is able to combine his artistry with a set of marketing and interpersonal skills that makes 2Kool an asset to the community at large.

Bimmer Torres, Art Director, Co-Founder

Able to take every experience as a learning opportunity, Bimmer Torres finds inspiration in every form. As the Creative Art Director and Graphic Designer, he pushes the boundaries of his artistic expression. He applies his creativity and originality into every art piece he designs. Bimmer continuously delves into a wonderland of imagination and ultimately gives us a more innovative 2Kool.

Katrina Nguyen, Public Relations and Marketing Director

Katrina Nguyen has a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and Marketing from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. In addition to her education, Katrina is an overall passionate and luminous person with remarkable ideas. As the PR & Marketing Director, she is constantly finding unconventional and ingenious methods to bring the positive message of 2Kool into the public eye.

Alexandra Soto, Program Director

Enveloped in a world of unlimited creativity, Alexandra Soto finds herself relentlessly formulating new types of expression. She contributes an inimitable and poetic style of writing that crafts yet another facet to 2Kool. Along with this element of artistry, Alexandra keeps 2Kool on track by applying her management and organizational skills as the Program Director.

Jesus Rodriguez, Artist

Jesus Rodriguez is a graduate from West High School. Furthermore, he has become an experienced artist at the West High School Mural Club and an excellent addition to 2Kool. As a team member, he continuously combines his problem solving skills and dexterity into every project, thereby enhancing the originality and artistic qualities of 2Kool.

Oliser Ruiz, Artist

Oliser Ruiz first became involved in the West High School Mural Club in 2009. Since then, he has rapidly grown as an artist and more importantly, as a person. Having transformed into a young entrepreneur, he constantly articulates his passions through his hands. Now, as an integrated team member of 2Kool, he is helping generate a stronger and more creative team.

Samnang Son, Market Research

Completing a bachelor’s in International Business with a minor in Political Science from the University of Denver was only the beginning for Samnang Son. She is now working towards her degree in Marketing. Furthermore, she is an exceptionally intelligent individual. As an active 2Kool team member, Samnang contributes her support and ingenuity when planning events and constructing novel projects.

Tiffany Phaimany and Carlos Nevarez, Mentees

Tiffany and Carlos are new editions to the 2Kool team but don’t let their smiles fool you. Their artistic styles help add flavor to 2Kool’s art by bringing in different elements, help making 2Kool well-rounded.

Thank you all for always supporting us! If you see us out on the streets, don’t be a stranger! Stop by and say hello! We won’t bite :-p

Denver Koolerado and True Kninja Release Partay!

What a night! It was filled with art, music, and fashion! We couldn’t ask for more. We had launched our new edition of the Denver Koolerado and the True Kninja line, in which we did a collaboration with Trav MSK.

The team was all smiles the whole night (we have sore faces to prove it). So we would like to thank all who were able to make it to this event! Stay tuned for our next release party! It’s going to be FUNKDAFIED! Check out our shop at to get the latest and the koolest gear in Denver!

Special thanks to Division West, DJ Lazy Eyez, and Thomas Evans.

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2Kool’s Apparel release party!!

Hello everyone!

You are invited to 2Kool’s Denver Koolerado/True Kninja Release Party! It is an exclusive look at our new releases and they are LIMITED EDITIONS!
-New Edition Denver Koolerado: Join us a mile high as you represent Denver, Colorado in this 100% preshrunk cotton hoodie and 100% preshrunk, ring-spun cotton long sleeve t-shirt that will turn heads.

* Unisex- Sizes – xs – 2xl

-True Kninjas: 2Kool and Trav MSK, have joined forces in the creation of an exclusive, limited edition design that is featured on a 100% preshrunk cotton hoodie and short sleeve t-shirt. This creation will ultimately transform you into a true Kninja.

* Unisex- Sizes – xs – 2xl

We will feature music from DJ Lazy Eyez and art by Thomas Evans from Hip Hop Congress!

The event will be on Saturday, February 19th at Division West from 7-10 pm.


For more info, visit

Hangin’ with the Kool Kids!

2Kool had a special opportunity to collaborate with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization to host a t-shirt workshop. The kids were so fun to work with and we were definitely inspired by their creativity. We hosted this workshop by using stencils and paints to spark their inner artist. Every child was so different from one another and it was so cool to see that our workshop was what brought them together.

Special thanks to Big Brother Big Sister and Division West! Let’s continue changing the community!


We attend a lot of events around Denver and people always ask us, what is 2Kool? So, we thought we would make it easier for you by breaking it down so that you can get a better idea of who we are. These are our frequently asked questions! If there are any questions that you don’t see here, please leave us a comment!

What is 2Kool and what is your mission?

2Kool is a creative company that specializes in apparel and murals. We also provide art workshops in the community to help encourage creativity among youths around Colorado. Our mission is form an art movement by creating a positive outlet for graffiti. We want to encourage youths to start taking their art from the streets and into galleries where it will be recognized. We also want to push the public to start looking at graffiti as an art form so that it will be accepted in the art community.

How did 2Kool get started?

Our very own Ratha Sok had gotten into some legal trouble for vandalism around Denver. He then decided to take a more positive approach by starting his own company to help provide an outlet for graffiti artists. Sok teamed by with Bimmer Torres. From there, they evolved from painting custom hats to designing apparel to painting murals all around Denver.

So, where do the other members come in?

Ratha Sok and Bimmer Torres discovered that they needed additional help in areas that they were lacking such as writing, marketing, public relations, etc… They started to build a team after they met Katrina Nguyen and Alexandra Soto. Once the West High School Mural Club was established and the team added two additional members, Jesus Rodriguez and Oliser Ruiz. Samnang Son was later added to the marketing department once 2Kool started to expand.

The team members of 2Kool are very different from each other, but they shared the same passion: to create an art movement and influence other youths in their community. The team has an undeniable chemistry, which helped their bond grew stronger through good and bad times. The rest is history.

Why are 2Kool Tees Limited Edition?

In 2Kool, we believe in originality and culture. We want our customers to feel empowered by our t-shirts so we only produce a set number of each design to preserve the freshness. Our designs tend to sell out fast so grab them while supplies last!

What is being 2Kool?

Being 2Kool is simply being you. Everybody wants to be the “kool kid,” but the people who are truly kool are the ones who are true to themselves. We encourage everyone to be proud of their culture and where they come from. We are not here to sell an image. We just want to empower people to learn to embrace themselves as unique individuals.

We hope that you enjoy getting to know us! If you have any additional questions about 2Kool, leave a comment! We would love to hear from you! 🙂

Antoine Dodson in the house!


We had an opportunity to showcase our clothing line at Fort Collin’s Back to School Party! And it was hosted by none other than Antoine Dodson. He is known for being a YouTube overnight sensation after his interview on NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News. With a little help from the Gregory Brothers and some auto-tunes, Dodson went from an average man living in Lincoln Park to a full blown sensation.

If you haven’t see his video on YouTube yet, check him out on

Special thanks to Sean McCarthy.

(Clockwise from the center: Antoine Dodson, Ratha Sok, Nhi Nguyen, Jon Kim, Katrina Nguyen, Samnang Son, Tim Little)

Jesus was so excited to meet Antoine!

Ratha and Jesus with Black Prez! Check out his music on

H*Wood, Andre Fabre, Ratha Sok, and Jesus Rodriguez. Check out their music on and

Have you met our KoolBot, yet? Look for him at our next event! We will be doing a t-shirt workshop with Big Brother Big Sister!

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