Don’t be afraid to…

Written by Katrina Nguyen, P.R. and Marketing Director of 2Kool

When we were young, our teachers would encourage us to let our imagination run wild. We were brought up to believe that we could be the next president, or firefighter. Every day was a new dream. One day, it would be about becoming the world’s most beautiful ballerina, or the next biggest pop star. It could also be about flying sorcerers or fire-breathing dragons. It didn’t matter how big or small the dream was. It was the fact that you dreamed was what matters.

As we get older, our dreams start to fade. We begin to forget all of the little things. We suddenly have to face the real world. We focus on paying the bills or where our next meal is going to come from that we forget our true dreams in life.

Someone once told me that, a dream is a blessing. Some people are able to turn a dream into reality and some people dream but forget about them. Or they’re too scared, because they don’t believe that it’s possible.

Every person has an inner child, who was fearless and brave, because they didn’t let anyone stand in the way of their dreams or imaginations. All we have to do is find that inner child, and dream again.

“Dream, when you’re feeling blue
Dream, that’s the thing to do
Just watch the smoke rings rise in the air
You’ll find your share of memories there

So dream, when the day is through
Dream, and they might come true
Things never are as bad as they seem
So dream, dream dream”

-John Mercer, Dream



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