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Denver Koolerado sale!

Like the weather we are constantly changing, rearranging ourselves to shine brighter. This is Denver. A mile high, our heads always in the sky, meaning we forever live what we are dreaming. Denver. With skyscrapers that scrape at the sky, snowing paradise, creating scenery never seen before. A masterpiece. As we try to master a piece of its beauty on canvas, yet barely able to scratch the surface. Denver. Where we surf avalanches and scale Rocky Mountains. And as we dive into the rapids, we rapidly realize that we are living like the Gods, royally gorged in a beautiful city that lulls us to sleep with its sunsets and stars. Denver is who we are.

Denver’s buy local week Nov 30th – Dec 6th! 2Kool is holding a sale through Buy local week on our Denver Koolerado line, 15% off all Denver Koolerado gear! ~Support your local businesses daily~ 

** Purchase orders here
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** Purchase orders here


Sprocket Communications + 2Kool!

2Kool got the opportunity to work with Sprocket Communications. A sprocket is a device that connects moving parts to create action and energy. So is Sprocket Communications. Driven by there interests and experiences, they connect people and ideas to create unique voices for clients. We all had an amazing time supporting our local PR and marketing firm here in Denver and completed a mural in 15 hours!

** Thanks to Sprocket Communications for giving us the opportunity!

Sustainable living!

Today was another huge success for us. We did an inspiring presentation at Urban Peaks and got to meet some amazing young talents there. We rocked a mural on a solar power car in 6hrs and sold out on I AM buttons! Thanks to the Sustainability Fair on Auraria Campus and thanks to all of these opportunities we got to share some of our talents to the community and help continue in the tradition of creativity and sustainable living.

**Special thanks to: Urban Peaks, Falicia Luna, Spenser Bernard, Thomas Evans, Greg Cronin ( and everyone who showed up to support, you are all 2Kool!

Santa Fe first friday art walk with CVA and KIPP students!

This past week Ratha helped assist a mural project with KIPP Denver high school students, sponsored by Metro States / Center for Visual Art. The students have  lots of talent and passion for urban arts and today they showed off there skills and had a competition between 3 other mural groups. People came by and voted for the best mural with money. There was some tough choices but at the end we took the crown!!

** Theme of our mural: “To and Through” Make it to college and then through college..

Rule #32 enjoy the little things in life!