Working minds for youth!

2Kool got the opportunity to present our story at CEC Middle College with Carson J Spencer Foundation on how 2Kool are young social entrepreneurs focused on planet, people and profit. We had so much fun meeting the youth and sharing our story to 40+ students/staff! We also got the opportunity to judge a idea competition; students had to create a mural, t-shirt or song that will help promote suicide prevention. They’re were lot’s of amazing ideas from the youth! We promised one of the youth that we’ll add her groups message for a mural on our blog. Here it is, enjoy!

— Life is a road, you face challenges everyday sometimes those challenges bring you down but keeps us a live is the memories. Do you remember when you were little and you wanted yo grow up? Or do you remember when you rode your first bike all by yourself? and behind that bike people cheering for you. Behind those faces was the ones you love. It’s those memories that keeps us going down the road. It’s what you got to fight for; for those who love you, the ones that need you. The ones that not only see you go through your path but feel it too. You got to remember that every moment is a memory that could change your life. Life is a pedal that propels you to keep moving forward. Your memories continue to cheer you on.

** Special thanks to Carson J Spencer Foundation for giving us this opportunity!


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