We attend a lot of events around Denver and people always ask us, what is 2Kool? So, we thought we would make it easier for you by breaking it down so that you can get a better idea of who we are. These are our frequently asked questions! If there are any questions that you don’t see here, please leave us a comment!

What is 2Kool and what is your mission?

2Kool is a creative company that specializes in apparel and murals. We also provide art workshops in the community to help encourage creativity among youths around Colorado. Our mission is form an art movement by creating a positive outlet for graffiti. We want to encourage youths to start taking their art from the streets and into galleries where it will be recognized. We also want to push the public to start looking at graffiti as an art form so that it will be accepted in the art community.

How did 2Kool get started?

Our very own Ratha Sok had gotten into some legal trouble for vandalism around Denver. He then decided to take a more positive approach by starting his own company to help provide an outlet for graffiti artists. Sok teamed by with Bimmer Torres. From there, they evolved from painting custom hats to designing apparel to painting murals all around Denver.

So, where do the other members come in?

Ratha Sok and Bimmer Torres discovered that they needed additional help in areas that they were lacking such as writing, marketing, public relations, etc… They started to build a team after they met Katrina Nguyen and Alexandra Soto. Once the West High School Mural Club was established and the team added two additional members, Jesus Rodriguez and Oliser Ruiz. Samnang Son was later added to the marketing department once 2Kool started to expand.

The team members of 2Kool are very different from each other, but they shared the same passion: to create an art movement and influence other youths in their community. The team has an undeniable chemistry, which helped their bond grew stronger through good and bad times. The rest is history.

Why are 2Kool Tees Limited Edition?

In 2Kool, we believe in originality and culture. We want our customers to feel empowered by our t-shirts so we only produce a set number of each design to preserve the freshness. Our designs tend to sell out fast so grab them while supplies last!

What is being 2Kool?

Being 2Kool is simply being you. Everybody wants to be the “kool kid,” but the people who are truly kool are the ones who are true to themselves. We encourage everyone to be proud of their culture and where they come from. We are not here to sell an image. We just want to empower people to learn to embrace themselves as unique individuals.

We hope that you enjoy getting to know us! If you have any additional questions about 2Kool, leave a comment! We would love to hear from you! 🙂


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