Meet Team 2Kool!

We know that a lot of people has been following us lately so we thought it would be nice for us to introduce ourselves! We wouldn’t want to be rude, after all.

Ratha Sok, Business Director, Co-Founder

From a very young age, Ratha Sok was attracted to developing and managing a successful business. As a result, we find an entrepreneur who is unafraid to take those seemingly impossible leaps in his career. As the Executive Director, he is able to combine his artistry with a set of marketing and interpersonal skills that makes 2Kool an asset to the community at large.

Bimmer Torres, Art Director, Co-Founder

Able to take every experience as a learning opportunity, Bimmer Torres finds inspiration in every form. As the Creative Art Director and Graphic Designer, he pushes the boundaries of his artistic expression. He applies his creativity and originality into every art piece he designs. Bimmer continuously delves into a wonderland of imagination and ultimately gives us a more innovative 2Kool.

Katrina Nguyen, Public Relations and Marketing Director

Katrina Nguyen has a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and Marketing from the Metropolitan State College of Denver. In addition to her education, Katrina is an overall passionate and luminous person with remarkable ideas. As the PR & Marketing Director, she is constantly finding unconventional and ingenious methods to bring the positive message of 2Kool into the public eye.

Alexandra Soto, Program Director

Enveloped in a world of unlimited creativity, Alexandra Soto finds herself relentlessly formulating new types of expression. She contributes an inimitable and poetic style of writing that crafts yet another facet to 2Kool. Along with this element of artistry, Alexandra keeps 2Kool on track by applying her management and organizational skills as the Program Director.

Jesus Rodriguez, Artist

Jesus Rodriguez is a graduate from West High School. Furthermore, he has become an experienced artist at the West High School Mural Club and an excellent addition to 2Kool. As a team member, he continuously combines his problem solving skills and dexterity into every project, thereby enhancing the originality and artistic qualities of 2Kool.

Oliser Ruiz, Artist

Oliser Ruiz first became involved in the West High School Mural Club in 2009. Since then, he has rapidly grown as an artist and more importantly, as a person. Having transformed into a young entrepreneur, he constantly articulates his passions through his hands. Now, as an integrated team member of 2Kool, he is helping generate a stronger and more creative team.

Samnang Son, Market Research

Completing a bachelor’s in International Business with a minor in Political Science from the University of Denver was only the beginning for Samnang Son. She is now working towards her degree in Marketing. Furthermore, she is an exceptionally intelligent individual. As an active 2Kool team member, Samnang contributes her support and ingenuity when planning events and constructing novel projects.

Tiffany Phaimany and Carlos Nevarez, Mentees

Tiffany and Carlos are new editions to the 2Kool team but don’t let their smiles fool you. Their artistic styles help add flavor to 2Kool’s art by bringing in different elements, help making 2Kool well-rounded.

Thank you all for always supporting us! If you see us out on the streets, don’t be a stranger! Stop by and say hello! We won’t bite :-p


2 responses

  1. SpammerGTK

    Yo!….that webpage was kool….U guys goin hard baby!…i got some things for yall in the future man!

    March 9, 2011 at 6:09 pm

  2. I am yet again impressed with the professional presentation of 2Kool,
    but I think what is more interesting and important is that your conbined love of art, life and giving back to others is always in evidence.
    Keep it up!

    March 9, 2011 at 9:18 pm

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