“Not Even Once” at Big Air

We had an amazing time with the Colorado Meth Project at Big Air. We were so inspired by the stories we heard from people who have been effected by meth. We encourage everyone to take a stand and join our fight against meth and spread awareness. If you would like to volunteer for the Colorado Meth Project or just to learn more about meth, visit

Here are some pictures from Big Air. Special thanks to the Colorado Meth Project for the opportunity!


YourBrandRadio Interview with 2Kool!

On Thursday, January 20th, 2Kool had an amazing opportunity to sit with Mark Crowley and David Sandusky to talk about our company. We had such a blast along with Jonathan Fessler with the I Am campaign. They were not kidding when they mention us being smiley. We were like kids at a candy store.

If you are interested in hearing the podcast, please visit

We would also like to give special thanks to Mark Crowley and David Sandusky for giving us this amazing opportunity.

(From left to right: Mark Crowley, David Sandusky, Julie Sandusky, Ratha Sok, Katrina Nguyen, Jonathan Fessler, Alexandra Soto)

Congrats to Bash at the Biz!

We would like to thank our friends at YouthBiz for featuring our Create Change murals as apart of there awesome show at Redline gallery! Thanks YouthBiz!